Arcori offers an integrated property management solution that has been tailored specifically for Affordable Housing organizations.
Our software was created with input from social housing providers and includes all the key features needed to manage a housing portfolio.

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Designed From the Ground Up for Affordable Housing

Arcori saw a clear need in the Affordable Housing sector for a software package that is designed to meet all your needs but not break your budget. Arcori PM - Affordable Housing is that solution.

Key Affordable Housing Features

Arcori PM has been designed to handle the rules, calculations and reporting requirements specific to Social Housing such as Specialized Government Programs, Forms, Year-end Reporting Regulations, Waitlist Management, Accounting, RGI and Market Rents. Contact us today to set up a demonstration of the Affordable Housing software.

A Custom-Made Implementation Plan

At Arcori we believe that the implementation of any software package needs careful thought and a well-executed plan. Our experienced team can work with you to craft a plan that will ensure the effective customization and roll out of the software. Our goal is to ensure you maximize your investment and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization with the use of Arcori PM.

Our Approach
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