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Maintenance is key to effective property management, responding to maintenance requests and keeping the property in good condition will help increase the value of the property. Also equally important is planning for future maintenance needs and handling emergency maintenance tasks. Arcori PM includes a number of different maintenance and capitral modules that allow you to manage all aspects of maintenace.
Our work order module allows you to schedule maintenance and respond to maintenance requests as necessary. Our Preventative Maintenace module lets you schedule future repairs and insepctions, while our capital modules handle insepctions, assessments and capital planning.

Jobs & Work Orders

Arcori PM can track work items either indvidually ( as Work Orders) or as part of a larger project or job. When a Work Ordewr is tracked within a job you can view all Workorders, Purchase orders and other associated costs of the Job. Individual Work orders are linked back to an individual tenant, unit, or property and include powerfull drill down capabilities. Our Work Order module is integrated within the core application, making it very easy for you to access it's information. In addition oour work orders module has the following features:

  • Create work orders for units, tenants and properties
  • Track scheduling information
  • Ability to prioritize maintenance requests
  • Quickly view the status of the maintenance item
  • Easily record the maintenance problem and resolution taken
  • Track labor and material costs
  • Track Employee time and task time
  • Set up billing information
  • Track Purchase Orders, Bills and Job Costs
  • Generate Work Order Logs and detailed reports
  • Set up holdback information for the accounts payable department
  • Record maintenance notes

Prevantative Maintenance

Arcori PM has a robust preventative maintenace module that allows you to quickly create and maintain the maintenance routines and inspections needed to ensure that your properties are kept in a state of good repair and in sompliance with govertment regulations and schedules.
Our Preventative Maintenace module easily integrates with our Work Order and Scheduling modules, provideing you with the cabaility to quickly and easily maintain your properties.

Mobile Work Orders - Coming Soon

Arcori is currently developing a standalone mobile Work Order app that can integarte with Arcori PM and provide you with the ability to directly fill out and manage your work orders from the actual job site. Our Mobile Work Orders application is being designed to allow the end user to provide real time capbilities and updates including the ability to upload pictures and video and attach it to your work order.

Capital Jobs and Planning

Our capital modules are designed to dramatically speed up your builidng and unit assessments, while at the same time giving you the means to accurately capturing and manage your facilities capital jobs and capital plans. Our software also helps monitor annual capital budget versus the actual budget in real time to ensure that upgrades and wise investment decisions can proceed with a level of certainty.

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