Purchasing is a very important module of Arcori PM , it is fully integerated with all other aspects of our software and supports all phases of materials management.

Purchase Orders, Quotes, Bills & Inventory

Our purchase order module allows you to completly control your procurement process. From quotes, through to Purchase orders, billing and payment you can manage the entire process through Arcori PM. It allows you to do the following:

  • Recieve Quotes from vendors
  • Award Purchase Orders
  • Integrate with Work Orders and Jobs
  • Recieve and review bills
  • Pay vendors eletronically
  • Seemlessly integrate with accounting features
  • Stock inventory and generate PO's when stock is low.

Vendor Management

Arcori PM has a number of features that quickly and easily allows you to manage your vendors and track critical venodr information such as insurance certificates. In addition we also have a detailed vendor ledger that lets you see exactlyt what work the vendor has done and a history of there charges and payments. Finally you also customize your vendors to specific properties, this allows you to tailor a vendor list to those that best match a propeties needs or requests

Paperless Office

Arcori PM provides the capability of attaching source documents to any transaction. This provides us with extremely powerful auditing and tracking abilities. You can track all of your original paper documents in our system and quickly and easily draw up additional information (such as pictures of completed woirk or scanned copies of actual bills).

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